A Dog's Life (and kitties too!) - Rates & Services
Initial pet consult:  No charge.
Initial meetings usually take 30-45 minutes so I can meet you and your pets and really learn the details of caring for them and for your home. If you are a regular client and you add animals to your household or move, we need to do another consult.

Daily visits: $20 - $25
During that time I will exercise, feed, water, play with, and clean   up after your pets, and provide care for your home as well. I will provide you with a daily e-diary of our activities, and anytime you want to know how things are going just give me call or text! If you would like a quick daily email or text saying things are fine, just ask.
Overnight Care: $85
Overnight care usually begins between 5-7 pm. (Yes, I love sharing the bed with them!)  I will stay at your home approximately 12 hours. I feed them breakfast and give morning exercise/potty breaks before leaving. 
24 Hour Service: $120 
I will stay at your home the entire day and night -- with normal visits to grocery store, etc... exceeding no more than 4 hours per 24 hour shift.                                             "B.W"


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